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Building a Blockchain

We've all heard about blockchains, but what are they? It can be a complicated concept. The best way to learn, of course, is to roll up your sleeves and build a blockchain engine. That's what I did.

I followed the example from Daniel van Flymen calledLearn Blockchains by Building One on HackerNoon. Now I'm not going to do what he did in this article; if you want to follow the code line by line, go there.

What I'm going to describe here is what I learned. If you read it you won't know blockchains. But if I'm sufficiently clear you should come away knowing something.

Current Transactions

A transaction is exactly what you think it is. "John pays Fred five dollars." The blockchain I created kept transactions very simply, but you could imagine how they can be more complex. "University of Downes awards Fred McGuire a Logic badge." Or anything.

Our blockchain engine keeps a list of current transactions. Each item in the list is a separate transaction…

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