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The Future of Learning Management Systems: Development, Innovation and Change

Phil HillSummary notes from the presentation at from at the World Conference on Online Learning, Toronto.

We forget about the perspective of time. Let’s look at 2011-2017. Thrun was saying (2012) 50 years from now there will only be ten institutions delivering higher education. This was the perfect example of hype not helping the industry. A lot of the time there’s too much talk about ‘it’s been this way the last 20 years’ or ‘the future is going to change dramatically’.

There are lot of new technology developments in ed tech but a lot of business plans come straight out of South Park. Course completion rates are a problem, also student authentication. A lot of barriers had to be overcome for the commercial MOOCs to do what they were saying.

Meanwhile in the U.S. - existing schools and a lot of the more conservative partners really are making progress. 30 percent of student shave taken an onlin…

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